People I Have Helped

"I have found this process to be hugely useful. Having struggled with the ‘diet culture’ for so many years, the intuitive eating concept is simply the only thing that makes any real sense. It is not a quick fix, but it is something that feels like could become the first lifelong solution I have ever come across. Simply because, to me, it makes absolute and clear sense. Madi has explained, supported and contextualised the process in a way that makes it relatable and practical. Listening and paying attention to the needs of your body is not an abstract concept - but a thing that you really can do on a daily basis

Discovering what I really feel about certain foods has been truly eye opening. Rejecting external pressures and artificial rules and instead creating new internal guides is a natural process, that only makes sense when you let go of those rules that have been applied to you externally for so long. I’m not all the way there yet but I feel this is a journey that I can continue on and feel comfortable about."  -  Darren

"I am 36, and have been dieting or thinking about dieting for as long as I can remember. I was exhausted with the obsession with my weight and the guilt that comes with that and was ready to look at things differently. Madi introduced me to the concept of Intuitive Eating and it seemed to be exactly what I was searching for. The process has been very enjoyable as well as eye opening. I have learnt so much about my relationship with food and how deep it really goes. It isn’t easy as there is so much to be undone but that’s what makes it so rewarding, it finally will click and it’s like pressing the restart button to when you were a child, when dieting, image and weight never crossed your mind.

I have loved the consultations as they are like therapy, it's great having someone with the knowledge that also understands and empathises with your challenges. The concept is broken down into manageable areas that give you a new focus each week, you work on them and reflect. I can’t recommend Madi highly enough, she is an expert in her field as well as warm, welcoming and empathetic, if anyone can help you lose the diet mentality it’s her!"   -  Claire