Nutritionist Scotland

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registration with the Association for Nutrition (the only professional body regulating nutritionists in the UK) shows that I’m held to the highest standard of evidence-based practice AKA science. It also means I’ve had proper training and hold legit degree qualifications in nutrition. 

My training began when I moved to Scotland in 2016 to study for an MSc in Human Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen. Here I was based at the Rowett Institute which has a super long history of leading nutrition research in the UK and beyond. This gave me a proper grounding in the scientific approach and how to critically apply evidence that helps inform what and how we should eat!

Having qualified with a distinction in my MSc I moved to London for a nutrition internship at the British Nutrition Foundation, followed by a brief position as Assistant Nutrition Scientist before moving back to Aberdeen (for love 🤢).


Non-Diet Nutrition


While living in London I began to hear about a different approach to nutrition and health from what I was taught at university. One that doesn’t demonise or stigmatise based on how you look, or try and tell you that your body isn’t ‘good enough’. I rapidly began researching and digesting everything I could to learn more about the non-diet approach to nutrition, as there had always been something about the world of weight loss that hadn’t sat right with me.

Thinking back to my uni days I’ve sat through many a lecture where expert nutrition scientists shrugged with a casual: "we don’t have a good way of helping people lose weight and keep it off… I guess we just haven’t found the right diet yet” 

But what if diets aren't the answer?!

I know from personal experience how damaging diet culture can be. I was once completely immersed in it, in what I call my ‘diet days’… I used to lull myself to sleep by counting how many calories I ate in a day, then drag myself on a 6am run because I ate ‘too much’ the day before. Food rules dictated my whole life! 

This is why I’ve dedicated my time to training in intuitive eating, an evidence based approach that can help you to feel more relaxed around food, more in tune with your own needs and better able to trust your body. Click here for more on what on earth intuitive eating is and why it's a more compassionate and understanding way to view nutrition and health.

This is the type of nutrition I advocate for and I’m helping to bring this approach to Scotland along with other fierce non-diet advocates! Our aim is to help people turn their backs on diet culture and make meaningful changes to their diet and lifestyle in ways that they actually want to keep up.


If you want to know more about the work that I do alongside online consultations in non-diet nutrition (in Aberdeen and to the wider reaches of Scotland)  – including workshops, cooking classes, talks, nutrition analysis and more – check out this page.

If you want freedom from energy-sucking diets and to really respect the body you have contact me for a free 15 minute confidential call to see how intuitive eating can change your life.