What is Intuitive Eating?

Diets don't work

At one time all of us ate just by listening to our bodies… that’s right, back when we were teeny kids! At this age we were usually offered a variety of different foods, ate when we were hungry and stopped eating when we were full. Simple.

However, through learned experiences, well-meaning friends and family, social media, health campaigns which demonise bigger bodies, TV and journalism we gradually build rules that we use to regulate our food choices and which disconnect us from our body’s internal signals. 

These diet rules and restrictions often backfire on our attempts to regulate eating and our weight, leading to food obsession, over-eating, guilt and shame. One of the surest outcomes of dieting is slowed metabolism and weight regain. Not the results most diets promise huh?

And for the minority of us who do manage to lose weight and keep it off often extreme dieting behaviours and a lifetime of restriction (disordered eating) is necessary to maintain this lower weight.

So where does intuitive eating come in?

Intuitive eating is a flexible, adaptive eating style where a wide range of foods are chosen and enjoyed for their satisfaction and energy-promoting benefits. Intuitive eaters are connected to their internal signals, so, put simply, eat when they’re hungry and stop eating when they’re full. With no bargaining, guilt-tripping, worrying or backlash eating!

Intuitive eating is the attunement of body and mind so that you can cut through the food myths and external factors we usually use to choose food. Through intuitive eating you'll be able to choose a wide variety of all the foods available to you that give you pleasure and satisfaction… and who doesn't want that?!


Evidence-based approach

Intuitive eating is an evidence-based approach (more than 120 research papers have been released using intuitive eating) and was developed by experienced dietitians. This means that there has been good quality research making sure it actually helps people in the way we want it to. Here are just a few of the benefits shown in the research...

* Improved blood glucose control, cholesterol and blood pressure

* Improved body appreciation and satisfaction

* Improved attunement to internal cues like hunger and fullness

* Improved psychological flexibility ( so reduced black and white thinking)

* Increase in exercising for enjoyment and dietary variety

* Reduction in the binge/restrict cycle and 

* It helps people leave diets behind forever!

Intuitive eating can be a fairly tricky concept and although it can be achieved by all of us many may benefit from support, guidance and encouragement on the (at times) scary journey to becoming cool with all foods and trusting our bodies to know what they need.

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